Finally made it….

Well, i finally did it, I updated my blog site, and hopefully, you should see more postings in here soon.


What happened is that i was using blogger before, and was publishing the blog through FTP to my own web site, but for some reason, blogger has decided to stop FTP publishing, which killed my blog, so I was stuck with a blog that I can not update, unless I move my whole domain to blogger, or miss around my DNS records.


So, after some digging, I found out that (where I am hosting my web) actually provides a very easy tool to deploy WordPress on my web, and taraa, i now have my own blog.

I had to loose my old blogs, but then again, they were nothing really

Ahh, I just remembered that my blog was named, Impressions on Life, and I like that name and concept, and will continue to use it….

Thanks all 

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