3G Video Services

Although telecommunications providers around the world had placed a considerable investment in operation 3G network, but sill utilization of this network has not been optimal, so for example China reports a 10% utilization of the 3G network.

But then again, could we see a future for Mobile Video Services that will increase the utilization of the 3G network by making Video calls relevant to the business world.

Mobile Video Services can include applications like:

  • Video Mobile Banking: where consumers can video call a bank, where a software application responds this call, collects data on account and transactions then transmit this data to the consumer using 3G video services. Thus the consumer can actually see information from any standard 3G enabled mobile


  • Educational Video: the possibilities are endless here, we can provide numbers for the consumers to call in order to see a generic educational video, examples calling a number to see an instructional video on how to change your pin number on your national ID


  • Video Promotions, Video Polling, Video Gaming and list can go on

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