Shisha and Hookah Review, Hannover, Germany

Here I am, my last day in Hannover, as I was attending CEBIT 2011 (more on this in a different post). Anyhow, a single person in Hannover, not into drinking, thus limits my options for activities during the night, so I started on a hunt for Shisha in Hannover, and wanted to share findings with you.

Cafe Klim:This is a nice cafe, a place to relax, enjoy the Shisha and the Sahleb (yes, Sa7lab, very good indeed), they have the best Shisha in Hannover. (I think it might be even better than my shisha in Amman), Now the only drawback is that this place DOES NOT have internet connection

Address: Cafe Kilim,  Dieckborn Straße 36,  30449 Hannover

GPS Position:  52°22’10.91"N   9°42’33.36"E      



Cafe Torai: nice place, no loud music is played, so you can enjoy working on a laptop here, and they have a free WIFI internet connection ( I am actually posting this from this cafe), now their Shisha is not that good
Address: Weidendamm 28, 30167 Hannover

GPS Position:  52°23’11.01"N   9°43’41.97"E




Cuba Cabana Cafe, this cafe is in the middle of the main market in Hannover, I actually stumbled into it while shopping around, it has an average Shisha, they also have internet connection, but they play loud music, so it is a bit annoying, but then again, it is a good place to relax after shopping.

Address:Nordmannpassage 4 30159 Hannove

GPS Position:  52°22’34.48"N   9°44’2.11"E

Now this round it up for Hannover, need to go pack as I am heading home tomorrow

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