Following you passion, eggs can get you somewhere

Today, I had the pleasure of attending my first session of a PMP training, and my choice was to attend a course conducted by Nada Abandah at Intrinsic Management (

Let me start with a bit of history here; I have had the pleasure to work with Nada back in 2003, where she was the project manager of one o the major projects we worked in. Nada was not only a great manager, she was an internal project catalyst, she managed to create the worm, yet professional atmosphere, that everybody enjoyed.

I sill remember Nada conducting an internal team building activities, based on eggs (yes, eggs that we eat); the concept was simple teams had to build models based on stuff that we had around the office to actually be able to land an egg thrown from the second floor to the ground, and making sure that the egg lands safely. As simple as the concept was, it had all the teams fused in, had lots of fun, and glued together. It affected me in ways that after over 7 years, I still remember this day.

Today, while at the course,  I saw the passion that Nada had for training, she managed to break the normal ‘instructor’ led rigid courses, and transformed the training into a fun activity, where people had fun, and learned.

I am so happy that Nada has followed her passion in training, and managed to transform her self into one of the best trainers in the region. I hope we all learn from Nada, and transform our passions into reality, a reality that adds value to all people around us. I sure did learn from here in 2003, and I sure did learn from her, not only Project Management, but also the importance of following your passion.

Below are a few pictures from the event conducted back in 2003


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