Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone 7

During the past year or so, I have been so in love with my BlackBerry, that I have actually almost stopped using my iPhone (Which is a 3GS and updated to the latest version), but also since two weeks back, I have also started using a new Windows Phone 7, which is the HTC HD7. And I thought that I will need to share my experience with the three phones.

I am not here trying to determine which phone is better, and whether the new Windows Phone 7 is the iPhone Killer, because I truly believe that all these phones are really good, each has certain positives and other negatives, and eventually it is your choice to decide which phone is best for you


I have been using a blackberry bold 9700 for almost a year now, and I truly think it is a great phone. I have sold many friends on Black Berry with a simple test, how long (in seconds) does it take to dial a contact. In a blackberry: (1) pick up the phone, (2) unlock, (3)Press home (4) start typing the contact name, and then (4) hit dial. Compare this to a windows phone, or an iPhone, where the steps would be (1) pick up the phone, (2) unlock it, (3) press the home button , (4) press contacts, (5) press search, (6) start typing, and finally (7) press dial.

Also, the convenience of having a keyboard in a blackberry is unbeatable. And the smaller screen also means better battery life.

Nonetheless, on the negative side, browsing the internet is a horrible experience on blackberry, BBM is VERY overrated, the email experience is OK, but not that good.

So all in all, if you want a good phone that allows you to read email, and has a good battery life, BB is the way to go.


This is a great device, stable, steady, has lots and lots of applications, the email experience is well done.

But nonetheless, I just look at my iPhone as a great toy, and not really a phone, and also natively lack the overall social feeds integration that BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 provides.

Windows Phone 7

Well, I have used Windows Phone 6, and I think it was horrible, but what Microsoft has done in 7 is just amazing. The overall integrated social experience is just amazing, email is very well done, and what really made my day was the integration with SkyDrive, as I can easily open any document from my SkyDrive, edit it, and then be able to continue working on it from my desktop.

But I have to say that Windows Phone is not a phone that you can buy ad start using quickly, to properly be able to use it, you need to first synch your desktop contacts with Live, then register your phone with Live.

If you are looking for a really good smartphone, allows you to better integrate your desktop experience with your mobile experience, and really gives the whole Cloud concept a good implementation then Windows Phone is the way to go to.

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